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Data analysis

finding robust     signals   in an ocean of data                         


Carefully define the question
Understanding precisely what you want to find out is essential for a successful data analysis project

Get appropriate data
 The data to be investigated may be the output of your own machines or may be available in public databases.
If desired, we will search for data sources and provide you with an honest estimate about the suitability of the available data for the questions at hand.

Choose adequate methods
Robust conclusions can only be drawn if appropriate mathematical procedures were applied during the analyses.
We make sure of that.

Let the results tell a compelling story
Sometimes, excellent results have no impact because poor visualization doesn't get the message across.
Our broad expertise in visualization strategies will make sure that your audience appreciates a success story.



Skills of our pharma-centered team
Expertise of Arndt Brachat, Ph.D., founder and managing director
"Omics-" analyses
Machine learning / AI
Data flow pipelines
Data visualization
Clinical statistics
Human disease genetics
Biomarker strategy
 (pre-clinical and clinical phase II-III)
Biomarker data analysis
Personalized medicine
Target discovery
Nucleic acid analytics lab management
Several programming languages
Some 20 years of experience in basic and pharmaceutical research in international and interdisciplinary teams:

Functional genome analysis
Cancer drug target discovery
Biomarker discovery
Biomarker data analysis
Clinical biomarker strategy and protocol design
Molecular drug action studies
Patient stratification
Precision medicine
Clinical project teams in multiple indications

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