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We are an open innovation company

What is open innovation?
In contrast to the traditional -"closed"- approach of innovating with internal employees only, open innovation makes better use of the capabilities of external partners.

SMEs that follow the closed model, often do not even consider innovation projects if the required expertise is missing internally. Opening up to external professionals allows SMEs to stay competitive in times of accelerating innovation cycles. Further advantages of the open approach may include reduced research and development costs, faster product development and access to novel markets.

Different categories of open innovation are depicted below:

In the "outside-in" approach, ideas, access to IP rights or expert knowledge flow in one direction only.
The receiving party typically does not share much of the strategic background of the interest.
"Inside-out" describes the model in which internal knowledge, material or intellectual property rights are provided to an outside partner to generate income or with a strategic perspective such as promoting a spin-off company or, for example, to learn how the asset is used in a different industry.
The "coupled" approach uses the full potential of open innovation in a truly collaborative effort where the partners share existing expertise and intellectual property to create new assets.

What is important to make it a success?
In contrast to a common misconception, open innovation does not mean that intellectual property (IP) rights are given up.

On the contrary: it is particularly important that partition of IP to be developed is agreed upon at the appropriate time during the project. A confidentiality agreement which specifies the subject area precisely and a cooperation contract which describes the knowledge areas of the partners, both help to put the collaboration on solid ground. Transparently phrased guidelines on roles, responsibilities and timelines further help to assure that the collaboration will be seen as a success by all parties involved.
When internal employees are celebrated for making "open projects" a success, rather than maintaining a "not invented here" attitude, open innovation is becoming most powerful.

VeViVas may take different roles in the open innovation process:
Assistance in open innovation partner search

If you already know what skills you are looking for, you may just search for a perfect fit in our list of VeViVas partners at This site includes a description of services and contact information. Use of this information is free of charge.

In case you have an innovation challenge but are not sure yet which skill sets are best suited to get it solved, or if you did not find a suitable partner at don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to offer our assistance. Contact us at:
Open innovation project management

Setting up and managing an innovation project may be overly time-consuming for your employees. Once the expectations and deliverables are defined in detail, VeViVas can identify suitable project partners, help with funding applications and provide project management as a service. Regular progress reports and ad hoc video conferences assure that you stay informed and in control if strategy adaptations are required. Contact us at:

VeViVas initiated projects

VeViVas is fully dedicated to the goal of a truly sustainable economy and therefore also initiates appropriate innovation projects, independent of client orders.

If you have a great idea for an innovative product that would have a positive, sustainable impact, let's discuss! Contact us at:

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